Palo Santo Oil

Vessel Scent

Palo Santo, French Lavender Flower, Tangerine peel

Cleansing, grounding, calming

This transformative blend of Palo Santo encourages you to release the past and welcome new beginnings. This blend creates a sacred space for fresh starts and positive transformations to take root. Use in your daily rituals to allow fresh energy to flow through you & your surroundings.

An undiluted essential oil and absolute blend intended for oil burners, diffusers or nebulisers to fill your surroundings with their therapeutic scent to enhance your mood and refresh your space. Each blend is made with careful consideration using our knowledge of aromatherapy and taking a holistic approach to our well being.  

12ml glass bottle with dripolator cap & optional dropper 

Ingredients: Bursera graveolens oil, Vetiveria zizanoides Root oil, Juniperus Virginiana oil.