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Lucy Jarvis

Lucy Jarvis

Lucy’s need for connection and self introspection is what led her to the yoga mat.

Think accessible yoga that links movement to breath and has an emphasis on self awareness and the energetics of the poses.

Yoga gives us the ability to recalibrate our nervous systems and really land back in our physical bodies, despite the type of class style this is always the underlying thread.

Lucy's classes are inclusive and encourage curiosity and play to nourish and open your heart allowing Yoga to be a truly transformative practice. 

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Shell Douglas

Shell Douglas

Shell's love for Yoga began 6 years ago when she was in her mid 40's and she soon realised the magic and power of the practice.

After a few months of dedicated practice she committed to Vinyasa and Yin training at Warrior One Yoga with the intention of deepening her own knowledge and practice. 

It wasn't until a further training with Yoga with Georgia and Om Som that she felt inspired and ready to share the gift of Yoga as a teacher.

Shell puts her heart and soul into her classes which combine creative flows, cool tunes, sound bowls, breath work and meditation. 

She wants for you to feel welcomed, nurtured and supported in her space and is passionate about helping build confidence in your practice no matter what your experience, age, shape or fitness level. 

Her intention is for you to leave feeling spacious and balanced,  with a  deep sense of connection to your mind, body and spirit.

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Georgia Hicks

Georgia Hicks

Georgia has been practicing yoga for over 18 years and is passionate about sharing this empowering and transformative practice.

Over the last 10 years, she has trained and taught internationally and now runs her own teaching training program for Yoga Teachers.

Georgia brings together her experience in dance, gymnastics and music to create flowing, creative and insightful classes with a deep focus on philosophy.

Georgia has taught yoga in Bali, Jakarta + India and to people of all ages, but now calls Balnarring home, where she lives with her young family.

She looks forward to connecting with you on the mat.

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Zoe Klein

Zoe Klein

Zoe is a lead teacher in the melbourne yoga community.
She is also a psychotherapist, functional breathing coach and nike yoga trainer.

Zoe works with women, athletes and corporates to support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

If we don’t change, nothing changes.
My mission is to equip you for the leaps of faith required for a fulfilling
life. So that your alarm becomes effortless and you’re excited to get out of
bed. So that you feel productive without the exhaustion.

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Sonja K

Sonja K

Welcome to the enriching world of yoga with our esteemed and established instructor, Sonja.

Renowned for her soothing, ambient voice, Sonja has become a beacon in the yoga community.  Her yoga journey commenced at Gita Yoga School in Abbotsford in 1995. After immersing herself in various disciplines of yoga (ashtanga, Iyengar and vinyasa) and living in meditation and Osho communities in Northern Italy, she then accomplished her Yoga Teacher Training (RYS) in Ireland under the tutelage of Yogacharya Lalit, the Founding Director of Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre and the Honorary Secretary for International Yoga Federation for Ireland & Dharamshala, India.

With an impressive yoga practice spanning 26 years, and literally over 6,000 teaching hours, Sonja brings over a decade of teaching experience to her classes. She specializes in dynamic vinyasa and slow flow classes that seamlessly blend movement and breath, with a strong emphasis on alignment through a precise yet dynamic practice.

Her background in jazz ballet and initial training in Ashtanga Iyengar, and more study and training in vinyasa, adds a unique flavor to her classes.

Sonja’s dedication and passion were recognized when she served as a Lululemon Ambassador from 2015-17, and she continues to be a Legacy Ambassador for the brand.

Her expertise has been featured on prominent online yoga channels such as Wanderlust TV, Endota Retreat, Mindful Mums, and Channel 9.

Sonja’s classes strike a balanced mix of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. They provide a welcoming space for yogis of all levels to explore their practice and deepen their connection with themselves. Whether you’re a beginner embarking on your yoga journey or an experienced yogi looking to enhance your practice, Sonja’s classes offer an enriching experience that leaves you feeling revitalized and centered.

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Heidi Trudinger

Heidi Trudinger

Yoga with Heidi is all about slow, mindful movement, holding poses whilst breathing efficiently, to help you feel the effects of yoga in your body. 

Her aim is for you to experience the benefits of yoga in every class; strength, stamina, flexibility, nervous system regulation and energy flow, allowing for a deeper experience of living IN your body, with embodied self awareness.

Pelvic floor and core strength and release is built into each class. In this class, Heidi provides variations for different bodies, making things easier or more challenging as needed. 

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Kate Di Pasquale

Kate Di Pasquale

Fortunate to call the beautiful Mornington Peninsula home for most of her life, Kate has spent many years exploring the incredible coastlines, local culture + communities that the Peninsula has to offer. In her early twenties, Kate found yoga and has become a passionate life long student of the practice.

From years of practice, she experienced powerful life changes + transformations which have inspired her to live and share the practice as an impactful yoga teacher.

Her style is greatly influenced by her teachers and her own personal discoveries along the way. She infuses her traditional understandings, as well as her own insights in what comes through as a fun and supported approach to yoga and life.

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Uma Neave

Uma Neave

For almost 20 years Uma has been passionately committed to the path of Yoga.

Her unique approach to sharing & learning is both deeply joyful and transformational. Through playful sequencing and a colourful variety of styles, she skilfully translates the ancient to the modern, cultivating a welcoming & inclusive space for all.

Having studied in a traditional Ashram in India, she brings focus to sharing with respect, always honouring the roots of Yoga.

She is known for her love & knowledge of Tantrik Shaivite & Shakta Philosophy & Mythology, weaving stories into the embodied practises of breathwork (pranayama) and moving meditation, taking practitioners beyond the asana.

Uma founded Both Yoga to share accessible, powerful and impactful Yoga practice to everyone during the global pandemic, and continues to offer Advanced Teacher Trainings in Pranayama, Philosophy, History and Trauma informed and Social Justice approaches to Yoga.

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Jess Dadon

Jess Dadon

Like a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning or a dip in the ocean on a summer's day, Jess's teaching is nourishing for your soul.

She will guide you through a challenging sequence that creates space in your body and + mind, and allows you to explore different parts of yourself.

In a chaotic world, Jess's own yoga practice brings her home to herself, and she hopes with her guidance students will feel that same way.

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Lauri Elkins

Lauri Elkins

Yoga and teaching has been a part of Lauri's life for 20 years. She is so grateful for the blessings this practice continually brings, as it’s helps guide her through her journey.

She wish's this amazing gift upon her students by teaching with authenticity and passion, in a wholistic, light hearted and nurturing way.

Lauri's intention is to help bring connection, which allows more health, awareness, peace, happiness and love.

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Lily Hughes

Lily Hughes

Lily comes from a gymnastics background and initially found
yoga as a way to stretch and find openness in her body to improve her
gymnastics skills. She soon learnt that there is so much more to yoga than being flexible.

She quickly fell in love with the practice, synching breath
with movement and noticed how that allowed her to connect to a deeper sense of self and find complete presence and peace in her mind, body, and soul.  

Lilys aim is to bring people back to their home, into their bodies. Simply to be with the breath and find some presence and stillness within, alongside some nourishing and intuitive movement. Lily aims to hold the space in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable, modifying and adjusting the practice to suit student’s needs.

Lily likes to think of a yoga class as a journey back to oneself. She says, ‘as soon as you arrive on that mat, the practice is yours – I am only a guide to assist you along the way.’

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Felicity Pountney

Felicity Pountney

Felicity is a qualified yoga instructor, with additional qualifications in both pre and postnatal yoga.

Felicity is also a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner. She offers classes for women to come together in a safe and intimate environment, empowering them through the pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Felicity helps women prepare mentally and physically for the stages of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, as well as restoring and nurturing body and mind.

Felicity is a mum to three girls, aged 8, 6 & 4.

Yoga and Hypnobirthing were her outlet both during and post pregnancy, carving out special time for her and her husband Tom, and their babies, before and after they were born.

Practicing enabled her to have the pregnancy and birth experiences that she hoped for.Now it is her passion to help others in these precious moments.With seven years focusing specifically on pre & postnatal yoga, Felicity has a deep understanding and knowledge of the various stages of a mother’s journey.

She is able to empathise with the physical and mental challenges through pregnancy, but also celebrate the beauty of the bump, and the exciting transformation in motherhood.

Max Einsohn

Max Einsohn

Max is a passionate powerhouse of positivity using his love of sound to bring harmony to the world around him.

Through Max's soul-stirring voice and skilful use of sound healing instruments, you'll be transported into a state of transcendence, immersing yourself in the healing power of vibrational energy.

Max is the founder of GoodVibe, a community working to make sound healing, breathwork and embodiment modalities as accessible and commonplace as Yoga and Meditation

Mish Malcolm

Mish Malcolm

Mish brings a lighthearted and nurturing quality to her teaching, always welcoming students with a warm smile.

Since 2019, she has continued to deepen her own practice and teachings with further study in Yoga Nidra (iRest), yin and meditation.

Her classes seamlessly integrate asana, pranayama, and meditation, providing a comprehensive experience for her students.

Drawing from all of her training experiences, Mish infuses her classes with wisdom and insight, guiding her students towards a deeper state of equanimity, connectedness, and grace.