'Love' Rose Quartz Necklace - Ecru


Our Zenniam Rose Quartz Solitaire Necklace is the perfect way to show yourself or someone you cherish, how much love and care surrounds them. This is definitely one of the world's favourite and best known crystals, cherished for it's soft pink colour and strong connection to the heart. It is helpful to those who need a little bit of extra love and compassion in their life, especially for those who have gone through a crisis or trauma. But it is also a stone of connection, empathy and positivity. It opens your eyes to see the beauty all around you and to appreciate the true beauty that you carry inside. 

This beautiful necklace features a 10 mm Rose Quartz stone on waxed cream cotton thread and stainless steel hardware; it's adjustable fit and beautiful presentation card make it a truly special gift.



Embrace Rose Quartz as a symbol of Love. See the positivity and friendships that surround you, know that you are valued. Embrace the harmony and beauty you hold within. Live life with your heart overflowing. Pause, breathe and relax knowing that you are never alone.



About Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is an exceptionally beautiful form of quartz. It is abundantly found in many areas of the world in large formations, including Brazil, India, South Africa, USA, and Madagascar. It is usually translucent but may also be transparent and has a Mohs hardness factor of 7. Traditionally it has been linked to the goddess Venus who represents love and beauty. But the story of its origin comes from a Greek myth about Aphrodite and Adonis. It is said that when Aphrodite saved Adonis from an attack by Ares she was cut by a thorn bush and their blood stained white quartz to a rose pink colour. The goddess Isis, revered in Egypt as the goddess of life, motherhood and fertility was also said to have kept her beauty and youthfulness by rubbing rose quartz across her face to banish wrinkles and maintain her glowing complexion.

Supports: Positivity, Self love, Relationships, Romance, Peace, Joy, Emotional healing, Harmony, Compassion, Friendship, Anxiety relief
Chakra: Heart 'I Love'
Complimentary Star Signs: Taurus, Libra
Element: Water
Colour way: Pink
Said to medically help: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Fertility, PMS, Circulatory system, Menopause, Kidneys, Vertigo, Alzheimers, Parkinsons.