Healing is the New High - Vex King

Wisdom that will inspire you to overcome trauma and find the most powerful 'high' there is- the high of inner healing.

Achieve genuine inner healing, let go of past trauma and find clarity, resilience and freedom with the #1 Sunday Times bestselling author, Vex King.

Many of us have experienced trauma in some form. It might be an old emotional wound, or something recent and raw; it may seem big or small, be emotional, physical or spiritual. No matter what you're facing, Vex King welcomes you with open arms.

Healing is the New High, Vex's goal is to help you become your own healer. He wants you to realize how powerful, resilient and capable of living life without fear you truly are. This book will inspire you to-

Become your own healer to raise your vibration
Make positive changes to transform your life
Create an effective belief system and embrace the uncertainty of the future.
Let go of false, temporary 'highs' that have been dragging you down
Implement the tools, exercises and advice that Vex shares

You don't need to go on a retreat or spend large amounts of money to find happiness. Healing is the New High will help you find the most truthful, sustainable high there is- the high of inner healing.