'Balance' Jasper Bracelet - Ecru


Our Zenniam Jasper Solitaire Bracelet is the ideal bracelet for anyone who needs to balance their yin and yang, bringing equilibrium to their everyday life. This stone helps to sustain you through life's hectic moments, aiding in keeping your inner peace and tranquility intact. Embrace the steadying energy of this thoughtful stone and feel balanced as you step into the demands of your world. When you are calm, you are controlled. When you are in control, solutions have a way of finding you and then your life finds a rhythm.

Bracelet crafted from a 10mm Jasper stone on waxed black cotton thread, with stainless steel silver hardware and an adjustable fit displayed on our premium card.


Embrace Jasper as a symbol of Balance. Let it help to soothe and nurture your heart, body and mind. Remember to look after you; prioritise your mental and physical wellbeing. Be kind to yourself and thankful for those around you. Live each day with gratitude and appreciation.



About Jasper

Picture jasper deposits are found worldwide though the largest are in Brazil, Indonesia and Africa. It has a moh hardness factor of 7 and is a form of chalcedony. Named because of the patterns that are the distinctive characteristic of this stone.  Each unique stone is said to contain a message from the past in its design. What a perfect way to connect to Mother Earth, from a stone formed around 2.5 billion years ago. What a wonderful way to connect to our own journey with a stone that is believed to help us to find our place in the world. What message will your stone hold for you?

Supports: Guidance, Rejuvenation, Inner Peace, Re-energising, Independence & Wisdom
Chakra: Solar plexus (I Can), also helpful in aligning all chakras
Complimentary Star Sign: Leo 
Element: Earth
Colour ways: Brown, Cream, Grey
Said to medically help: Circulatory, Reproduction, Digestive systems, Immune system, Kidneys, Skin Disorders