Sport Magnesium Oil

Ananda Life

We have added 100% essential oils, containing cooling properties to our magnesium oil to create our SPORT magnesium spray.  

Our magnesium oil spray is sourced from the ancient Zechstein seabed. It is extracted using sustainable technology from an underground layer of salt located approximately 1600 meters below the surface.

Zechstein Sea existed during the Permian era approximately 250 million years ago and is believed to be the most pure source of magnesium and other trace minerals.

Easily absorbed spray to assist in:

Muscle and joint pain

Relief from cramping

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Promote Restful sleep

8 sprays delivers approximately 100g elemental magnesium


Zechstein magnesium chloride and trace minerals

Distilled water

In addition to the magnesium benefits, essential oils of Peppermint,Arnica and Rosemary have been added to provide a powerful blend to assist in reducing pain and swelling