Tending to the Sacred - Rituals to Connect with Earth, Spirit + Self

Return to living a fully embodied life with 50 rituals to improve your health, well-being, and confidence on your Sacred Path.

As humans, rituals have fed our hearts, minds, and souls since the dawn of our species on this planet. "Everyone in the world has a ritual, whether they realize it or not," writes author Ashley River Brant. Far from being a relic of simpler times, these rituals align us with our intentions to heal and evolve. They help us tap into our own deep wells of wisdom, connect back to the earth and our bodies, and remember that the sacred is ever present in our lives.

In Tending to the Sacred, Brant shares a curated collection of accessible yet profound rituals to help you awaken your true connection with the earth, Spirit, and yourself. As you engage with each ritual, you'll begin to lovingly peel back the layers that keep you from being fully embodied and empowered in your life, leading to greater emotional balance, ease, purpose, and resilience on your Sacred Path. Used by the author in her personal life and healing arts practice, each ritual is woven from an abundance of ancient wisdom, medicine, and creativity. Plant healing recipes (including elixirs, oils, essences, and teas), elemental rituals, journal prompts, mantras, and visualizations are all included in this beautifully illustrated guide.

Ritual is a powerful way to become more present with yourself, the earth, and the love all around you. Explore the simple yet transformative impacts of ritual with Tending to the Sacred.

About the Author

Ashley River Brant is a multidimensional artist, energy healer, teacher, and herbalist who has been featured in Refinery29, Nylon magazine, and the Sunday Times. Her Soul Tattoo (R) sessions, which are ceremonial intuitive tattoo sessions, channel deep healing for each client and have garnered a multi-yearlong wait-list with residencies from New Zealand to New York. She lives in California.