'Energy' Mookaite Necklace - Noir


Embrace our Zenniam Mookaite Necklace as a unique symbol of personal and earth energy. This magnificent piece of Australian landscape is valued for its vibrancy in colour and vibration. As a cherished part of the Indigenous dreamtime it has long opened communication with the spirit world and helped create a connection to the earth and mother nature. It is a stone of eternal youth and valued for keeping us young at heart and seeing the world through youthful eyes. It reminds you of your self worth and helps you find the grounding and stillness needed to live in the moment. Know that beauty is not just around us but within us too.

Handcrafted with a unique tumbled and polished Mookaite stone; on a waxed thread and stainless steel hardware. It offers a comfortable adjustable fit and comes presented on our signature Zenniam premium card.  



Embrace Mookaite as a symbol of Vitality. Live passionately. Absorb the earth's energies; be filled with exuberance and motivation. Wake excited for what each day has to offer. Feel stimulated and energised; overflow with positivity and optimism. See your future, live your destiny.


About Mookaite

Mookaite is a very special part of the Australian landscape. It was discovered in dry creek beds in Mooka Creek, Kennedy Ranges, Western Australia.  In one of the local indigenous aboriginal languages the word Mooka means 'running water'.  It is a form of sedimentary rock and a type of Jasper. Part of the stone is made from the microscopic, skeletal remains of tiny nanoplankton fossils. It has a Mohs hardness factor of 6-7 so it is a durable, hardy stone, but in its raw state it can be brittle and fracture quite easily. Because of the diverse and vibrant range of colours within each stone, it is believed to help a diverse range of energies throughout the body.

Supports: Adventure, Ageless spirit, Young at heart, Negativity shield, Motivation, Energy, Self worth, Potential, Beauty, Grounding, Protection
Chakra: Solar Plexus (I Can ) & Root (I Believe)
Beneficial for: Leo, Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo
Element: Earth
Colour ways: Pink,Red, Yellow, Cream, Brown, Grey, Purple
Said to medically help: Wound healing, Detoxifying, Lower blood pressure, Boost immune system, PTSD, Digestive system, Fertility and Pregnancy