Solace Essential Oil

Dindi Naturals

Reconnect with mother earth and let her guide you on your spiritual journey, keeping you grounded and protected, helping you find solace.

Key essential oils:

myrrh - a ceremonial oil used to lift the spirit - calming, grounding and useful as an anti-depressant

frankincense - extracted from sacred resin, it has amazing protective, grounding and purifying abilities, as well as reducing stress and anxiety

elemi - aids in deep meditation, relaxation and general calming of nerves

palo santo - calming and relaxing - a great purifier and mood booster

lavender - well known for its soothing and calming abilities, as well as an effective sleep aid


    Oil burner: Add 5-7 drops to water

    Massage: Add 5-7 drops to every 10ml of vegetable oil

    Bath: Add 5-7 drops to every 10ml of bath oil or cup of milk/plant milk